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How We Can Help

Our team of professionals has years of experience assisting individuals, families, and professionals develop, support, and implement individualized recovery programs designed to promote ongoing recovery and wellness.       


Recovery is a team effort.   No matter if you go to inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient,  or a therapist, having a coach to provide additional support can be beneficial.   We start with a comprehensive assessment and will work with each individual and family to create a plan together.   


KNRB offers many different programs designed to work with individuals, families, and professionals working with them.   Recovery involves navigating many areas of life:  career, relationships, finances, not just stopping substance use or other behaviors.


Our team can provide individuals and families with recovery case management, structured family recovery, family addiction support, therapy, coaching,  treatment consultation,  or a sober companion, to provide that extra support that can make the transition from treatment back home easier.   KNRB has created "Qualia Connections", and individualized intensive treatment program that includes group, individual, and family therapy, psychiatric assessment and medication management, and personalized coaching and case management in an outpatient setting.   


KNRB looks at the whole person, and can provide assistance where needed.  We have been there.   

Our goal is to work together  to create the life you want for a lifetime.
What  We  Offer
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