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Connect4Recovery Coaching

KNRB offers many different services, and utilizes only  highly qualified and respected professional staff with years of experience.  KNRB was started to provide ethical, quality care and provide individualized options across a continuum of care.  We believe the longer a person is supported and engaged in recovery services, the greater their chance at sustained recovery.  


 Our services are tailored to our clients, and we will make every effort to make our services accessible to those who want them.  We work with individuals with substance use, mental health, sex and love addiction, and other issues.   KNRB and Associates offer a free initial phone consultation.  

Our Connect4Recovery program is designed for anyone who could benefit from additional support at any stage of their recovery process.  Connect4Recovery pairs the individual and/or family with a coach who can assist with support, accountability, life and career transitions, and more.  

The program includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment and development of an ongoing recovery plan.   Intensive case management and support services through all stages of treatment and recovery.   


  • Weekly 1:1 meetings and monitoring for individual during all levels for care. These may be face to face or through Tele-health.  

  • Daily check-ins for the first month and access to 24/7 emergency contact.   ​​

  • Family Programming, including weekly family sessions and phone support.   Access to resources designed to support the family and provide ongoing education.  

  • Discounts on family adventure activity program and weekend workshops.  

  • Access to a spiritual life coach, career, vocational, and academic consultants.    

  • Recovery coaches with extensive experience with back to college, return to work, career development and exploration, collegiate recovery programs and professional boards.

  • Drug testing on a case by case basis for accountability and monitoring.  

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