Family Support 

KNRB & Associates know the importance of family involvement and a solid support system can be to an individual's recovery. Families, co-workers, friends, employers and others play a vital role.   Studies have shown that monitoring and case management after treatment have increased a person's chance at long-term recovery.   


 We all realize that anyone close to the individual experiences consequences that may not disappear when someone gets into treatment and recovery.  

We understand that not all everyone may be able to participate in therapy due to many factors, such as, distance or cost.   That is why we have decided to offer our Back to Balance Coaching Program for Families and others impacted by  the person's substance use, mental health, or other compulsive behaviors.   


Families, friends, and significant others need as much or more support as the individual seeking treatment, and often carry all the responsibility for everyone.  Stress, anxiety, distrust, feelings of powerlessness, physical, and emotional distress are just some of what they may experience. 


 We realize that as much as the individual benefits from having a recovery coach, their support system can benefit from having their own recovery coach to assist them with understanding their loved ones' issues, navigate treatment and recovery resources, and begin healing.  

The Back to Balance Coaching Program includes the following:

  • Comprehensive assessment.

  • Development of a family and support system recovery plan, similar to an individual recovery plan, focusing on identification of behavior patterns, changing family dynamics, building a solid support system, and understanding the effects of addiction and other issues on each person involved with the identified loved one. 

  • Development of family action plan to support ongoing recovery and plan to address any crisis and issues that may arise before, during, or after treatment.  

  • A treatment team to support the family.  Includes the recovery coach, therapist, M.D., or others involved with the family or loved one.

  • Assistance with locating recovery resources for the family, support system, and the loved one leaving treatment.   

  • Weekly face-to-face, phone, or tele-health meeting with each family and other support persons.  Additional sessions available if needed.  

  • Evening psycho-educational call for anyone participating.   Continued access this for no cost even after the coaching program has ended.   

  • Unlimited access to KNRB team member through phone, text, and email for emergency crisis support or brief consultation between weekly meetings.   

  • Check-in daily or as needed through text, email, or phone.  

  • Access to KNRB Resource database that includes articles, material, podcasts, videos, and links to support group meetings.

  • Opportunity to participate in quarterly family weekend workshop at a discounted price.   Some scholarships available.

  • Discount to participate in family adventure outing  trips through Pivot Point, WNC.  

*** KNRB does have options for single services or part of a package.  We can offer discounted and modified programs to families who qualify.  

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